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Whether if you are an insurance company or a real estate owner, you might be interested to see where you can save money due to water leaks.


Our software and APIs are ready to meet your business demand. We use standard BIM models and have multi level user access, so building administrators and company admins can view their entire real estate, either from the app by integrating to our APIs.

We work with you and customize our solutions to fit into your way of doing business.

Dripspy via Lorawan

Lora is a connectivity protocol for smart cities. 

You can hook up the device to any Lora Network with or without our backend.

Cloud Application

  • Multi user Roles to alert Building Administration

  • Multi level access data model with granular permissions

  • Drill down to see problematic buildings

Dripspy via WiFi

We support using Wifi for businesses also.


  • API Access for integration into your property management system

  • Webhooks for event driver integration. ie Battery Alert/Water detection


It's common knowledge that water loss and water damage of property is a regular occurrence which causes over 30bn dollars a year.


80% of water leaks are under 10ml/min which cause catastrophic damage over time

Dish Washer

The kitchen is the least protected place from waterleaks, but holds the most applicances

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A water leak will result in an environmental impact of approx. 242.24kg of CO2

What Our Clients Say

White Structure

Carmen, Real Estate Manager

"Looking forward we save money using this product in our apartments, we reduce overhead dealing with these issues whilst reducing our CO2 footprint, it's a WIN WIN."


We would be happy to have a call with you.

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